Shaktima Michele Brien

"Goddess Journey, Conscious Awakening" is a series of 34 paintings, exploring the feminine essence during deep, psychological, and transpersonal states.

Captured over a period of thirty years in California, the images reveal an immersion into the subtle Yin, the divine feminine principle of life.

After reading "Man and his Symbols" by C. G. Jung, I started to explore a "woman and her symbols". Muting all influences, intuition led me on a metaphorical journey of greater awareness. All emotions had to be expressed, a form of catharsis.

Tuning into six thousand years ago, before all men-made religions and beliefs, I reached the void, the no-mind zone, where images started to appear on a background of eternity.

The series goes from Cinderella (illusion) to Goddess (realization), from darkness to lightness of being, from material to ethereal, from individual to universal. Looking for meaning, a maiden embarks on a quest to touch the absolute into daily life. The introspection translates into explosions of joy, freedom, and deep insights into humanity evolving toward a balance between the opposites: men and women, material and spiritual, left and right, East and West.  

Shaktima Michele Brien is a visionary artist who lives in Montreal, Canada. Her paintings were shown four times at the Palm Springs Art Museum in California.

After two solo exhibitions, Brien published "Goddess Journey, Conscious Awakening", an art book inspired by the paintings she developed in her Santa Monica studio; "Paint Life, a monography with essay by Betty Ann Brown, Ph. D, Art Historian; "Zen, Light and Space", (black-and-white series),and "Angelina and Men", a kunstlerroman, which screenplay she wrote won First Place at the Palm Springs Writer's Guild in 2001.

The Goddess Journey series was featured at The International Museum of Women, while other paintings were parts of the Premiere of Signs of Time, a film on Marija Gimbutas (The Language of the Goddess), sponsored by UCLA Women's Studies, Women's Heritage Project and Bellili Productions at the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History.

In the '90s, selected pieces by Judy Freeman, Associate Curator of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art were included in a contemporary art exhibition. Others were sold at the Shirley MacLaine and Whoopi Goldberg Art Auction.