Pauline Chernichaw

The world-renowned artist Faith Ringgold, and friend, has my deep admiration. During our many conversations, she has conveyed an extraordinary strength, boldness, and a profound sense of determination. Faith Ringgold's storytelling is reflective of her vision, passion and self-realization that comes with her exploration of family relationships, and self-identity. Ringgold's captivating installations, soft sculptures, paintings, quilts, and thangkas represent her life experience that resonates with me. 

Drawing upon periods in my life, my paintings are rooted in past as well as recent events. Faith Ringgold's art rings true to me. I am particularly inspired by her painting "Die", acquired, and displayed at the Museum of Modern Art. Her emotionally charged narrative and larger-than-life composition, executed, and applied with dynamic color, line, and brushstroke is as significant now as when she painted the work in 1967. My female-oriented, non-representational painted narratives is realized through my spirited use of color, line, and active brushstroke. As Ringgold's emotionally moving use of titles define each of her works of art, titling my paintings shape a thought-provoking dialogue between myself and the spectator. 

By way of creating, destroying, and recreating, my paintings take form, emerge, and bring to light a recognizable narrative.

Born in post WWII Germany I spent my childhood in New York City and eventually moved to New Jersey. Coming from an extended family of creatives that included filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, I developed a passion for art at a very young age. Growing up in the New York metropolitan area I was fortunate to be exposed to the world's great art museums. I frequented the Metropolitan Museum of Art and spent entire days exploring the galleries. I loved art and knew I wanted to be an artist.

After studying painting at the University of Miami, Brooklyn College and Fairleigh Dickinson University, I continued my studies at the International Center of Photography and New York University where I expanded my artistic vision to encompass photography.

I am represented by Carter Burden Gallery New York and am a member of Ceres Gallery New York. I am also an award-winning member of The National Association of Women Artists. My works are included in private and permanent collections.

Instagram: @paulinechernichaw