Nimisha's works are grouped inventories of fragments: paintings, photographs, fabrics, and digital prints. The work explores the varying relationships between past and popular culture by referencing social issues such as racism, gender inequality, immigration, and so on. Every image tells a unique story by creating visual links to history and reality.

The work reproduces familiar visual signs and oral histories by arranging them into new conceptually layered collages. Her methodology is consistent while using a variety of materials and processes in each project. Each piece starts with a curated collection of photographs, fabric, and other materials. The vintage portraits are altered digitally by juxtaposing photos with different transparencies and filters. Her physical marks follow the repetitive process of going between tearing and layering prints, collaging, painting, stamping and adding fabric. The layers vary in sizes, saturations and opacity to emphasize compositions and concepts.

The portraits she creates have a new abstract identity, which emphasizes the cultural and traditio.nal overlap, people around the world went through over the centuries. This overlap has made people extremely similar, irrespective of the varied physical appearances. Through her works, she wants to encourage people to embrace cultural diversity and fight for equality for all gender, color, race, religion, and so on. Her goal is to give a voice to social issues women and people of color face around the world, through her art and advocate awareness. 

Nimisha is an immigrant from India.