Kimberly Faith Devaney

My self-portrait series shot in the late Summer of 2020 on the low-tide shores of Cape Cod Bay, I feel has the most direct connection to feminist art. I turned the camera on myself to investigate my personal experience of grief after a divorce. Some emotions explored include; anger, denial, depression and acceptance. Through this process I hoped to give myself space and time to remember, cherish and finally let go of the past as something that can not hurt me anymore; to reclaim my body and re-connect to my inner fearless force.

New York based Photographer and Multidisciplinary Artist, I studied Black and White Photography at Pratt Institute and currently study Arts and Cultural Management at CUNY College in Manhattan. I am a member of the Brooklyn Arts Council and have been published in Arrow Magazine. In 2015 I was featured in two-person show, Her History Dilemma, a pop up exhibition featuring feminist artists and received the Textile Artist of the Year award from the Textile Arts Foundation.I am inspired by nature, science, time and memory; I explore themes such as loneliness, impermanence and identity through the lens of photography and found paper collage. My most recent works consist of experimental double exposures shot with film which layer light, texture and pattern to express emotive spaces. The abstract puzzles of re-structured realities invite the viewer to make meaning through their observations.

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