Kathleen Greco

Cuban-American artist Ana Mendieta used the female body in her site specific and mark-making practice. Her body, the subject of many of her works, connects the relationship between landscape and the female form. Reflecting her own history fleeing from her oppressive homeland in Cuba and exile displacement to the United States during her adolescence, she wrote, "I am overwhelmed by the feeling of being cast from the womb." In her later works she shifted from "absence" to "presence" when she used her body as an imprint. In Mendieta's Untitled (Glass on Body), Untitled (Glass on Face) and, Untitled (Glass on Body Imprints) 1972 she pressed her face and body parts onto pieces of plexiglass distorting and transfiguring her appearance. In these works she empowered her body as the subject.

I have been investigating women's body image and the perception of women as a subject. In My Body project I use my body as a matrix to imprint on paper. Matrix, from Latin meaning mother / womb, is a mold material from which something is printed or cast. In this process I placed myself on a surface covered with powered graphite then pressed my body onto a sheet of paper. During this method I pushed myself freely without limitations creating enlarged distorted representations of the female form. The use of my body as a matrix signifies a vessel or a carrier. The monotypes explore immediacy of the process and alter the perception of the body while empowering female corporeal landscapes.

Kathleen Greco's career spans 30 years as a multi-disciplinary visual artist, author, and sculptural illustrator. She holds a MFA in Studio Arts from the University of the Arts, Philadelphia and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from the Philadelphia College of Art, PA. Her work explores the perception of the body through the intersectionality of social, feminist, and political themes. Greco's work has been shown in museums and galleries worldwide including the Museum of Art and Design New York, the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C., the Hayward Gallery, England UK, the Delaware Contemporary, New York University, Abu Daibi UAE, and the Venice Biennale 2019, Italy.

Greco's work is held in private and public collections including the US and Europe. She has lectured in the US and internationally including, Lafayette College, Easton, PA, the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, and the Royal College of Art London UK. Her contemporary artwork has been featured in publications including Artillery, Ginger, Hyperallergic magazines, and the Washington Post.
Greco has written and produced more than twenty-five contemporary design, digital photography, typography, and art books with Hearst Books International, Rockport Publishers, and Watson Guptill Publications. Many titles are housed in library collections in universities in the United States and internationally including the School of The Art Institute of Chicago, The New School, University of Oxford UK, and Yale University.


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