Dorian Katz

These artists I have drawn are queer women who inspire me with their work and courage. Like Gluck, Cahun and Moore, I am Jewish. Cottrell, Fuzee and Kovick influenced my local San Francisco queer art community.

Gluck (1895-1978) was a British painter born whose family supported them financially despite their disapproval of the decision to be artist and wear "men's" clothing. Gluck insisted on going by a shortened version of their surname, Gluckstein.

Marcel Moore (1892-1972and Claude Cahun (1894-1954) were lovers, arts, artistic collaborators and actively resisted the Nazis. Living in Jersey, which was invaded by Nazi in 1940, they filled the pockets of Nazi soldiers with anti-nazi leaflets.

Honey Lee Cottrell (1946-2015) was a San Francisco photographer who's known for her art documented lesbian sexuality and friendships in the 1980s in the early days of On Our Back magazine. She proposed then became the first "bulldagger of the month" in this adult lesbian magazine.

Adrienne Fuzee (1950-2003) was one of the first out Black lesbian curators in the United States. She grew up playing in Watts Tower with her friend who lived near it. This was her first experience of art and she became Director of their artist-in-residence program. She moved to San Francisco where she co-founded LVA: Lesbians in the Arts and the Queer Cultural Center.

Kris Kovick (1951-2001) was a writer, comics artist and performer who moved to San Francisco in 1980. She was instrumental in the 1990s new queer writing scene.

Dorian Katz is an artist, zinester and curator living in California. She has made art as Poppers the Pony for 15 year. Katz received an MFA in Art Practice at Stanford University (2011).

Katz self-published over 20 zines. Her drawings are included in diverse titles like "Morbid Curiosity" (vol 1-10), The Butch Coloring Books, LGBTQ Resistance Fighters, Salome's Modernity and Hyena. Katz' art has been exhibited in galleries, museums, community centers and kinky dungeons including UC Berkeley, Paris Ass Book Fair, Leslie Lohman Museum and Sanctuary LAX. As Center for Sex & Culture's Gallery Director (2011-19), a community center in San Francisco, Katz featured art that transgressively addressed sexuality and gender by hundreds of artists.

She's received grants from Endeavor Foundation for the Arts, San Francisco Art Foundation, WorkMORE and Suzanne Barach Lewis. For her community work, she is San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance Woman of the Year (2018).