Eve Picher 

My Creatrix series focuses on the wondrous female energy at the origin of everything. As I discovered through authors like Barbara Walker, Monica Sjöö, Barbara Mor, and Marija Gimbutas, in many traditions, this glorious creative potency is represented by goddesses connected with the first void and the darkness of the beginning. She has the power to give life and to destroy it as well, because death and life are intertwined and because life needs death to thrive.

These paintings honor the various names that the generous destructive black Creatrix takes around the world: she is called Kali in India; Hecate in Greece; Ereshgikal in Mesopotamia; Coatllicue in Mexico; Hathor in Egypt. These abstract works invite you to relinquish the safety of the recognizable world and to reconnect with the unknown source of everything. Their compositions reflect a deep memory we all have within our heart: the private origin story that fuels our desires, decisions, and actions.  

Born in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada, in 1974, Eve Picher was introduced to watercolour by her father when she was ten and began using oil painting in her teens. She received four years of training in drawing and painting with the artists Francine Labelle and Yves Durand. She received a degree in Literature from College de Maisonneuve (Canada) and a Certificate in Arts and Sciences with a focus on philosophy from the University of Montreal. In the meantime, she wrote several books of poetry.

She exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Native Art and was invited to exhibit at the Lightwell Gallery of the University of Oklahoma. She studied Fines Arts at Bishop University (Canada), Concordia University (Canada), Adams State University (Colorado) and the University of New Mexico. She graduated with a BFA in Studio Arts with Highest Honors with a focus on painting from the Institute of American Indian Arts, in Santa Fe.