Xiang Xinying

In the body-space series, I want to express the various oppressions faced by Chinese women under capital globalization. This oppression comes not only from society but also from the family. Human existence is multi-dimensional and multi-constructed. We as humans not only an existent of time dimension, but also an existent of space dimension. The space that interests me is where people live, neither the space of general physical attributes nor a single human spirit. Rather, it is a social stipulation and social attributes. In the space constructed by social culture, the existence of women depends on Others. Especially in a consumer society, women's bodies are full of appearance anxiety. Women abide by thinness as beauty, and pathological dieting has caused irreversible damage to the body.

Xiang Xinying was born Shanghai, China in 1992. Studied Fine Art at East China Normal University and obtained Fine Art master degree in 2018. Currently doing her PhD in Universidade do Porto, Portugal, Xiang specializes in painting and drawing.