Donna Lowson

In a world where we are born into patriarchy and social ideology, whether we like it or not. It is imperative that we use critical thinking to better understand ourselves, to avoid negative and limiting beliefs based on a flawed, money making, discriminative system.

What does the word fat mean to you and what emotion does that evoke.?? The definition of fat is" large in bulk or circumference". Fat simply means fat. It does not mean gross or repulsive like the majority of society connect it to. This is social ideology unconsciously drilled into us from the day we are born and past down from one generation to the next.

When we start to ask ourselves these questions, we begin to free ourselves of these attached negative feelings and entrenched beliefs.

As someone who has spent a life never feeling good enough, complying to other narratives and feeling unworthy of been my own, unapologetic true self. It is not surprising that the ethos behind my work is to promote self-love, empowerment and critical thinking to raise awareness of issues within our society today. To help encourage change, healing and positivity in a world full of inequality and discrimination. Intersectional feminism has become important to me.

To fully understand my journey into art. We need to firstly understand the point, at were my train of thought changed. As without this, there would not be no art journey for me. The pole dance community. A place, very much still stigmatised today, was the place that helped me to become strong in mind as well as body. The place that had me critically question my own beliefs. The community helped me to realise that when we believe in ourselves change becomes possible- it allows us to set better boundaries about how we choose to spend our time, how we let others treat us and how we treat ourselves. It builds confidence and allows us to believe we can accomplish more.