Carol Radsprecher

I first saw Dana Schutz's work in a small gallery in NYC, and I've followed her work ever since. Her paintings inspire me through her courage in tackling sometimes controversial subject matter. I'm struck by how vibrant and visceral they are, and how visually interesting and even shocking her work is. Her early work, especially, has influenced mine. 

Her influence can be seen in these prints that I drew and colored in Photoshop. This influence is apparent in her figural distortions and combination of figurative and abstract elements.
The genesis of her images - often stemming from her memories of specific instances - is similar to that of my images and the narratives they enact. The space in her work (especially her later work) is much more complicated than in mine; but my figures struggle, as do hers, to free themselves from the confines that enclose them - confines both physical and psychological.

Schutz is an artist whose style, subjects, and trajectory I admire greatly.

Carol Radsprecher's images combine figurative and abstract elements. She earned her MFA in painting from Hunter College, CUNY. A longtime painter, she discovered the wonders of digital image-making and found that media well suited to her need to make a succession of rapidly- evolving narrative images based on distorted representations of the human body, especially the female body.
Her work has appeared in several solo shows and numerous group shows and has been published in print and/or online publications.
Her other interests/obsessions include current politics, cats, the Internet, and books.