Karen Starrett

In 1979, I saw Judy Chicago's installation, The Dinner Party, at the Brooklyn Museum.

Later that year, I had the opportunity to meet Judy through the Feminist Art Project of Rutgers University.

She was an incarnation of her work; confident, beautiful, with a sexual exuberance.

In 2005, after an ovarian cancer remission I created a series of paintings that mirrored my physical and emotional states. Five of these paintings are included in this submission. I lacked the confidence to exhibit these paintings. Then I remembered Judy Chicago and her work about the female body and thought, if she can do it; I can do it-and I did!

Karen Starrett's paintings are an expression of her life. Each painting contains a silent conversation that evolves in the process of its creation. As Karen develops forms and experiments with color, she works to convey an aspect of her life hinted at in the title of each painting. For Karen, the challenge and pleasure of painting is in the process of working toward a synthesis of color, form and inner vision.

Karen Starrett's paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout the NY/NJ area and is in private collections. She is a graduate of Rutgers University and an alumnus of School of Visual Arts.