Michael Hubbard

My work features paintings and installations tracing a lineage of punk rock feminists, starting with the Riot Grrrl bands of the 90s, and following their wild and angry energy into historical moments and current social and political movements. The work follows two intersecting paths: first, they are heroic portraits of revolutionary women; second, they are meditations on digital and painted media. I'm fascinated by the fierce anti-establishment rage of the people portrayed. I aim to present an imaginary architecture of feminist resistance connecting disparate times and places.

For this exhibit I am submitting paintings of two feminist artist known for challenging gender conventions, Claude Cahun, and Ana Mendieta. The painting of Cahun includes some of my own facial features, ever so slightly merging my image with that of the artist I adore. The paintings of Mendieta merge imagery of the foliage of the Cuban fig tree overlayed on scenes from some of the artist's iconic performances.

Born just outside of Detroit, Michael Hubbard currently lives and works in Midland Texas. As a non-binary artist, their work aims to create an imaginary vision of non-binary gender identity, in all its ambiguity, joyful freedom, and contradiction. Their paintings range from investigations of feminist history to expressions of freedom from societal norms. Their work has been exhibited nationally. They received a BFA in Painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and an MFA in Visual Art from Washington State University.