Maryalice Orito

My maternal and paternal grandmothers and my mom were all survivors of the Great Depression and feminists of their times. Each had their own business and believed in equal rights, equal pay, and equal opportunity. I benefited from their independence and sense of equality. Although pragmatic, they encouraged me to go to college, then on to Parsons School of Design with the one caveat that I pay for my room and board. This opportunity gave me a career as a fashion designer than a costume designer for the New York Off-Broadway, music industry, and television costume designer/stylist. Later, I returned to college and became a psychotherapist. My art practice covers from 1973 to current. I was a two-term president for the National Association of Women Artists, Inc (NAWA). I am currently represented by the feminist gallery Ceres Gallery in the Chelsea area in NYC.

Represented by Ceres Gallery

New York,

Instagram: maryalice.orito

Facebook: oritomaryalice