Melanie Ludwig

My first love was a comic book and I realize today, that narration still plays an important role in my art. My main interest in painting is the human body and it's representation in art and everyday culture.

The bodies I paint are hybrids of different lines of thought, they are memories of people I know, pictures I've seen and at the same time they are much more, they could be also something completely different. I am more interested in ideas and in different conceptions of incorporation, than in trying to depict some kind of reality. Referring to art history has always been an important aspect in my practice and in this sense I see myself in a long line with other feminist artist. In my animation film series "It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)" from 2019, I use imagery from art history, I play with gender roles and I put the figures in a new context.

1985 in Linz/Austria, Melanie Ludwig studied visual arts at the "Universität für künstlerische und industrielle Gestaltung", lives and works in Linz. 

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