Lauren Selden

In Stitch a Day, I am cross-stitching large compositions that reference issues connected especially with climate change and political decisions that are being made to preserve or abandon our lands. I have used cross-stitching as a medium for multiple reasons. Cross-stitching is a skill set (along with other embroidery techniques) that was taught to young girls and women. The cliché aspect of this craft directly links to education and communication. The cross-stitching is also small enough that it refers to pixels. I enjoy that the viewer thinks it is a digital image until they get close. The methodical action of hand-stitching also serves as a performative act.

Returning Home responds to ideas of displacement, architecture, and memory. Using soft wax, I fabricated replicas of my many previous homes. The universal style of these low economic homes connects with the viewer. Each work looks like there has been a horrible event and the homes stand on stilts to avoid rising water- a metaphor. 

Lauren Selden is currently a Professor of Art at Stephen F. Austin State University (SFASU) in Nacogdoches, Texas. Exhibition accomplishments include solo, invitational, and juried exhibitions in national and international venues. Her artwork has been published in Metalsmith magazine, Jewelry & Metals Survey (JAMS), Lark Books 500 Metal Vessels, and Lark Books 500 Wedding Rings. Selden's outdoor sculptures have been on public display in various cities across the country, and two of her sculptures were acquired by the San Marcos Arts Commission permanent sculpture collection. She has given workshops and lectures at conferences, universities, junior colleges, and art centers across the country as well as in Brazil, Germany, France, Iceland, and Mexico. In 2018, she spent time at the Baer Art Center Residency in Hofsós, Iceland and had the honor to be a featured artist in the 2do Festival de Arte Nueve in Chihuahua, Mexico. In 2019, Selden's work showed in 10 exhibitions and she served as an artist in residence at The Imagination Lab in Indiana where she worked with over 1080 students from 2nd to 5th grade. In 2020, Selden continued her sculptural work while also creating a sterling silver jewelry line