Amy Chaiklin

The "Cultured Pearls Portraits" is a series of paintings honoring the sisterhood of real women artists and curators that have inspired, influenced, and supported my work. I have a personal connection to each woman that I portray. These paintings are based on photographs that I have taken or sourced on social media. I paint my perception of each woman's essence by drawing their personal stance, individual hairstyles, and fashion choices. Creating images of empowerment I depict their eyes facing forward looking directly out at the world.

These five "Cultured Pearls" artists inspire my work: Deborah Wasserman, Emma Amos, The Guerrilla Girls, Marilyn Minter, and Laurie Simmons.

Deborah Wasserman inspires me with her passionate figurative acrylic, oil, and cloth paintings on canvases that merge women within the landscape.

Emma Amos inspired me with her expressive, colorful, paintings of the black body which she fiercely painted long before images of the black body were accepted.

The Guerrilla Girls inspire me by giving a voice to female artists. They are still speaking and the art world is now listening.

Marilyn Minter wild, lush paintings, photographs and videos of nude women grab my attention and don't let go. Minter inspired me as her work gives women agency over their own bodies and sexuality.

Laurie Simmons photographs and films visualize sweet and sassy images of the female roles in this patriarchal society using dolls as a stand in for real women and girls. Simmons's work inspired me as she imbues activism into her stellar imagery.

Amy Chaiklin is an internationally exhibited figurative painter who graduated with a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. She is an alumni of New York Studio School Paris Program, France. Originally from New Jersey, Chaiklin has lived in Berlin, Germany, and currently lives/works in New York, NY.

Chaiklin received a combined grant from Women's Studio Workshop/New York State Council on the Arts in 1999.


Makor, NYC, NY (2006), Women's Studio Workshop, Rosendale, NY (1998), Stiftung Starke, Berlin, Germany (1992-1994), and Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France (1988).

Art Publications including Chaiklin's artwork:

Club 57 Film, Performance and Art in the East Village 1978-1983, MoMA exhibition catalog, NY, NY (2017), Studio Magazine, Coloring Page, The Studio Museum in Harlem, NY, NY (2016), Mein heimliches Auge (1994) Tubingen, Germany. BERLIN (1986) , I.S.C.A. Quarterly, NY, NY (1983)

Public Collections including Chaiklin's work:

Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham, AL, Cleveland Institute of Art, Artist Book Collection, Cleveland, Ohio, The Fashion Moda Archives, Fales/Special Collection, New York University, New York, NY. The Museum of Modern Art, Library Archives, New York, NY, The Museum of Modern Art, Franklin Furnace Artist's Book Collection, New York, NY, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx, NY, The Feminist Art Project Archives, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, The Lower East Side Printshop Archive of Artist's Prints, NY, NY, University of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California, and the Women's Studio Workshop Archive of Artist's Prints, Rosendale, NY.